Hilal Agil

Hilal Agil is a Maldivian creator and entrepreneur with a passion for technology, sustainability, and music. His background is around artificial intelligence, software engineering, design, and business development.

Hilal is the founder of Tenzro, a company developing innovative solutions in AI and blockchain. His current primary focus is on Naios, aimed at tokenizing creative works, and Praecise, which simplifies development of AI.

Prior to Tenzro and his current ventures, Hilal co-founded Squelo, an AI-powered talent matching platform in the UK, and Meanwise, an intelligent portfolio platform for creatives in Silicon Valley which worked with high-profile Hollywood and international studios.

In addition to his work in technology, Hilal is a co-founder of Nothnegal, a renowned Maldivian metal band known for its unique fusion of industrial and heavy metal.

Hilal is deeply committed to environmental sustainability. He co-founded The Eco Org, a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting sustainability in the Maldives.

Hilal pursued advanced studies at the University of Oxford, obtaining an advanced diploma in Data and Systems Analysis and commencing an MSc in Software Engineering.

With a diverse skillset and a drive to create positive change, Hilal continues to focus on bridging the gaps between creativity and innovation.